Kincaid Ravine


Kincaid Ravine is a 3.6-acre open space located at the northeast corner of the UW campus along the Burke-Gilman Trail. Since 2013, we have been working to remove invasive species and install native species.

Our goal is to increase conifer canopy cover and wildlife habitat, continuing to transform this neglected space so that it may become a community resource for education, research, and respite.

Management Objectives for 2017-2018

– Earth Corps has providing fundamental restoration to Kincaid Ravine through the past few years.

– Our goals include organizing small work parties to manage weeds and invasives and access the health of the installed plants.

– Work party emphasis will be focused on the front half of the site, closest to the Burke-Gilman Trail.


Management Objectives for 2015-2016

– Focused restoration work on the two delineated wetlands of Kincaid Ravine, including: strategically placing coarse woody debris in a channelized stream to increase wetland functions; installing a wider diversity of wetland plants; and implementing bioswale infrastructure in the lower part of the ravine to alleviate trail flooding and increase groundwater infiltration.

View Full Proposal

View Bioswale Proposal

View Hydrology Assessment

View Educational Signage & Benches Proposal


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