The Society for Ecological Restoration University of Washington Chapter (SERUW) was founded in 2008 by graduate student Lauren Urgensen. We are proud to be the first Student Guild established in the nation. Our mission is to bring together students at the University of Washington with a common interest in the science and practice of ecological restoration, and a common goal to restore and sustain the biodiversity of our beautiful campus.

For more information please email: seruw@uw.edu.

You can also visit us on Facebook.

SER logo

SERUW is a chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER), a non-profit organization infused with the energy of members around the world who are actively engaged in ecologically-sensitive repair and management of ecosystems through an unusually broad array of experience, knowledge, and cultural perspectives.

Founded in 1987, SER now boasts members in 56 countries with 11 chapters serving regions of North America, England, and Australia. SER is also expanding its presence in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

SER Mission: “To promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.”


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